Mother Teresa Computer Literacy Program

Helping the unfortunate step into the future

In the modern world, the computer plays a major role in economic development. It is imperative for the younger generation to fully equip themselves with the computer knowledge to enable them to earn a decent livelihood.

While the urban youth have sufficient avenues to learn how to use a computer, the rural youth (either for want of well equipped infrastructure or economic constraints) are denied such facilities and therefore lag behind in the social structure.

The overwhelming response our foundation received from the rural youth and their parents for Mother Teresa Educational Program prompted us to launch The Mother Teresa Rural Computer Program as an extension to promote the technical knowledge of the rural youth and reduce the urban-rural divide. To start with, we opened a centre in St. Joseph’s High School premises in Kottaikadu village, Pudukkottai district, Tamil Nadu with good infrastructure and efficient faculties. In due course such training centers would be launched in more rural areas under this program.

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