Mother Teresa Educational Program

Torch Bearers to the bright future

To love and serve the poor presupposes something that has nothing to do with giving them our leftovers, or giving them the food we do not like, or the clothes we no longer wish to wear.

The order of the day happens to be one of talking about the poor without choosing to talk with them. It is therefore a rare human virtue to mingle with the poor and help them.

Our works of charity are nothing but only overflow of our love of God from within. Therefore the one who is most united to Him loves the neighbour most. As W.B. Yeats rightly said, "Education is not the filling of a Pail, but the lighting of a fire", the Foundation aims to bring up the students as energetic, influencing leaders than being followers.

Since majority of the people are marginalised in India, educating those people becomes a crucial phenomenon. Though their children have higher potentials, economic poverty, social backwardness, ignorance, lack of schools in their locality make many children dropout from schools.

As the Foundation believes in empowering the marginalised through quality education it has started to give financial assistance to the poor and needy students studying in different schools as day scholars.

We properly identify their skills and interests and help them to pursue their higher studies in colleges and technical institutions and shape their future.

The breakup of the educational program is provided below.

For the academic year 2015-2016

  • School going children sponsored: 177 (129 girls and 48 boys)
  • College going Students sponsored: 199 (154 girls and 45 boys)
    • MBBS (Doctor) – 6
    • BDS(Dentist) – 1
    • BPT(Physiotherapy) -1
    • B.Sc., Nursing – 6
    • Paramedical – 9
    • Engineering – 69
    • Arts & Science – 93
    • ITI & Polytechnic / professional courses - 14

For the academic year 2016-2017

  • School going children sponsored: 225
    • 98 girls
    • 77 boys - Resident Anbu Illam wards
    • 50 boys - Education assistance
  • College going Students sponsored: 221 (162 girls and 58 boys)
    • MBBS (Doctor) – 5
    • BPT(Physiotherapy) -1
    • B.Sc., Nursing – 7
    • B.Sc., Radiology – 1
    • Diploma, Nursing – 7
    • Engineering – 76
    • Arts & Science – 101
    • ITI & Polytechnic / professional courses - 23

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