Mother Teresa Rural Health Program

Divinely device of dedicated service
I see God in every human being. When I wash the lepers’ wounds, I feel I am nursing the Lord Himself
- Mother Teresa

Suffering in itself has no value. The greatest gift we can cherish is the possibility to share one’s passion no matter how painful it is. We see God in every one and especially in those who suffer.

Medical care is one area, which needs urgent attention at right time to save lives. Lack of affordability by the poor deprives them of immediate medical attention resulting in avoidable casualties.

In order to provide immediate medical aid to the poor, as Mother Teresa dedicated herself to save thousands of lives from the jaws of death, the Foundation launched Mother Teresa Ambulance Services.

The ambulance is equipped with all emergency facilities for the accident victims and cardiac patients. Generally, the rich reap the benefit of these facilities and poor are denied. Mother Teresa Foundation offers these facilities to the poor around the clock at free of cost.

Under this program, our foundation in association with Meenatchi Hospital, Thanjavur (a renowned multi-specialty hospital) and M.R Hospital, Thanjavur conducts regular free medical camps and health awareness programs in villages with the help of a team of doctors and nursing staff.

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