Trustees of The Mother Teresa Foundation

A.Savarimuthu The Managing Trustee, A.Savarimuthu was born in the year 1969 in a hamlet in Thanjavur district called Madhakottai. Hailing from an agricultural background, he graduated in English Literature and History. Right from his childhood, he nurtured a passion for the upliftment of the poor and oppressed which culminated later in the formation of a trust dedicated towards the same. In this mission his family and friends, who are endowed with a high ideal of morality and spiritual values, have ably supported him. He inherited the quality of coexistence from his elders who strived to serve the community, irrespective of religion or caste. Young, dynamic and an innovative entrepreneur, Lotus Trading Corporation is his proprietorship concern dealing in PVC pipes, PVC doors, Bore wells, CRI pumps and SAME Tractors.

In the business front, his main aim is to assist the farming community on a non-commercial basis in order to improve their living standards. He is also one of the Directors of Suitall Polypro Ltd., an ISO 9001-2000 certified manufacturing unit of PVC doors in Chennai.

In the social front, he has been rendering yeomen service to humanity as a Rotarian, molding youth to be more responsible. He is also the only patron in The Indian Red Cross Society, Thanjavur.

Hard working and humble by nature, he is fiercely committed to the task of eradicating social evils of our society. Nobility with humility is a rare combination and his every action demonstrates that he rightly fits in this rare combination. His great sense of love and passion for the young ones can be attributed to the presence of his mother in the Anbu Illam day and night until she breathed her last at the age of 80. His recent publication on the life of Mother Teresa in Tamil titled "Avarukku Nigar Avare" exhibits his highest regard, respect and fascination for the legendary personality. He has distributed this edition among the student community and it has received widespread appreciation from both college and school students.

J Robert Bellarmine J Robert Bellarmine was born on 20.5.1958 in the Ramanathapuram District of Tamil Nadu. After his retirement, he started a printing press named INSTA PRINT SERVICES. With honesty in his words and innovation in his thoughts, he dedicates his life to serve people in all possible means – in a profession and social context. He is a God fearing, humble man charged with high spirits in carrying out the activities of the Foundation. His guidance and influence have been instrumental in setting a strong base. He is not born with a silver spoon yet harbours an insatiable thirst to help the needy.

A.R. Sampath Raghavan A.R. Sampath Raghavan, aged 70, was born in Chengalpattu, near Chennai, in a family of lawyers. He inculcated the essence of fraternity and love for his fellow citizens from his father who was a freedom fighter. He completed his schooling in Ramakrishna Mission and college education from Madras Christian College. He has a postgraduate degree in Economics. He held a senior level official position in a Government of India undertaking for over 38 years. Being a student of Christian and Hindu institutions, he considers Gospel and Gita as two important guiding philosophies that preach love for humanity. His immaculate character helps him dedicate himself thoroughly for the welfare of the socially and economically backward. His psychological support has enabled many students to have a bright future.

H. Govinda Raju Rtn. H. Govindaraju was born in 1963 in Thanjavur. His father, Thiru. A. Harikrishnan, is an agriculturist who has indepth knowledge about the labour class and how they have been denied fair opportunities to come up in life. He aims to improve their well-being. Besides being a Diploma holder in Yoga and Human Excellency from Bharathidasan University, Trichy, he also has a post graduate degree. From his early childhood, he has yearned to change the lifestyle of rural folk and remove the oppression to which they have been subjected to - due to evil social practices. This has provoked him to join hands with forces that fight for human rights.

As a protagonist of social justice, he has been devoting his time since his college days to bring about a social transformation in those who have been denied opportunities due to caste practices. As a Rotarian, he associated himself with various social activities, which have brought him close to our Trust culminating in him becoming one of the trustees in 2009.

G. Murali Krishnan Shri G. Murali Krishnan was born in 1972 in Thanjavur. His father, Shri. R. Govindaraj, hails from a family with a rural background and has been instrumental in inculcating a sense of selflessness in the minds of his children to help the needy. A postgraduate in Commerce, Shri. Murali has associated himself from the very beginning with the activities of the Trust. He has helped in the implementation of various programs from the outside. Following his involvement in the programs, the board made him as one of the trustees in the year 2010. He spends most of his personal time in formulating new ideas for the betterment of the Trust. His background enables him to critically understand the problems of the rural folk and to evolve new strategies to tackle their issues through correctional methods.